Wedding Showers

Wedding Showers

Buy your engagement ring from Barron's and if it rains on your wedding day you get your money back

Guys, when you buy a diamond engagement ring from Barron's Fine Jewelry and get down on one knee to pop the question, you'’d better stay down there for a moment and Pray for Rain! If your prayers are answered and it rains or snows an inch or more on your wedding day, Barron's Fine Jewelry will pay you back the cost of your diamond engagement ring up to $5,000.

Rainfall and snowfall will be determined by the National Weather Service as read from the official Make It Rain Gauges located at the Hartsfield Jackson Airport during the twelve hour period specified on the day of the wedding. And we will always go by the highest reading. To qualify for the refund, a certificate must be signed and completed at least 30 days prior to the wedding. As well, the wedding must take place a maximum of two years after the purchase of the ring, and a minimum of 30 days after the purchase of the ring.

Extra Case
"So this is the deal... You buy the ring, set the date and if it rains on your wedding day I will give you the ring for free! I'ts that simple."
Ajay Singadia
"Everyone worries about rain
on their wedding day,
but now you don't have to!!"

Alisa Durden - Bridal Sales Specialist
"Tell us what you think about Make It Rain! And Share your Wedding day stories with us now!"

Rakhi Narwani
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