Watch Care

Precious Metals

Consistent care and maintenance is something that will help your timepiece last for generations; it is also essential to the overall performance of your watch. Here at Barron’s Fine Jewelry we have a full service watch department with a veteran watchmaker who has over 25 years’ experience in the business. He is certified to work on the most complicated of movements. You can trust us with the care of your watch, no matter the brand or type. We work on analog, digital, wind-up and automatic movement watches, and do all the work in-house. If you are in need of a watch repair, bring your watch to Barron’s for a free evaluation of your watch.

Water Exposure

If you are washing dishes or taking a shower, you should always remove your watch. The hot water can create steam and allow it to permeate through the crown and damage the internal workings of the watch. If your watch has a water resistance rating of 100 meters or more, you can feel comfortable wearing it in the pool or bath, but after swimming rinse it with clean water to remove chlorine and salt water. Remember to never wear a watch with a leather band in any kind of water. Very few leather bands can stand up to moisture, and exposure to water will dramatically decrease the life of your band. Also, please note that leather is a natural material and is subject to wear and tear. If you wear your leather band watch daily, be aware that you may need to change your watch band every 9-12 months.

Battery Powered Watches

Do not allow a watch battery to remain in your watch for a long period of time after it has stopped working. Even if you do not plan on wearing the watch, you still need to at least have the battery removed. If not, the battery can leak and battery acid will corrode the mechanism of the watch, sometimes causing extensive damage and costly repairs. Most batteries should last anywhere from 12 months to 2 years. Many watches will simply stop working, while some watches have an indicator that the battery is about to expire; you will see the second hand jump 4-5 seconds. When you see either of these things happen, bring your watch into Barron’s for a new battery. We provide a 1-3 year warranty on watch batteries, depending on the watch.


Even if your watch is running properly, you should still have it checked and serviced every 3-4 years, depending on the brand. There is a lubricant inside your watch that keeps the movement and other parts running smoothly, and those can dry out over time causing internal damage, or cause the gasket to dry out, which may allow water to enter the watch. Regular servicing can prevent this from happening. Remember that your watch is continually running, constantly working, no matter whether or not you are wearing it; therefore the parts are prone to normal wear and tear, so regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance of your watch.

Automatic or Wind-Up Watches

There are hundreds of working parts in the movement of a watch, and just like any other working machine, sometimes parts wear out and need replacing or servicing. Automatic movement watches need to be serviced regularly, usually every 3-4 years. The oils and lubricants that keep the watch running smoothly dry out over time and, if not remedied, may cause issues with the functionality of the watch. Or, as mentioned above, some parts might need replacing. Here are Barron’s, we have a certified watch maker and in addition, we provide you with a 1 year manufactures’ warranty upon completion of the repair.

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