The Art of Repairing Watches

The age of the watchmaker is arguably gone. Or is it? Watch repair has become a rare profession in light of recent advancements in technology. The truth is our watches are getting smarter too. As the technology put into watches gets more intricate, so does the skill required to repair them.

Watch repair has always been a profession that demands extreme precision and unparalleled observational skills.

As watches steer toward becoming items of luxury than strictly of function, the skill set required to create, repair and maintain watches becomes more a part of jewelry making. Think of watches as functional jewelry pieces, and that is exactly what they are.

But what really goes into watch repair and maintenance? Hear it directly from a watchmaker.

Read the following article by A Blog to Watch.

Watchmaker Shares Truths About Watch Service & Repair

                  Watch Repair Services

As an aBlogtoWatch guest, Hugh Taylor from (a pre-owned watches and luxury goods dealer in the UK) once again interviews their in-house master watchmaker, Mickey Nolan, as they talk about the often mysterious and typically expensive world of watch service and repair. Oftentimes, the only “true” account of watch repair comes from the men and women who are actually fixing the watches. We attempt to clear up myths, explain the source of delays and costs, and offer a watchmaker’s perspective of the watch service and repair process. See full post here

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