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Best Jewelry Store in Snellville, Georgia

If you’re out looking for premium jewelry, you know it’s hard to find the ideal middle ground between what you want and how much you will have to pay for it. While shopping, you’re liable to make impulse purchases, get duped or just plain have an unpleasant experience.  To avoid any hassles and situational exhaustion, keep these things in mind.


               Barron’s Fine Jewelry

Educate Yourself on the 4Cs of Diamonds

The quality and price of a diamond is determined by four important factors – Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat-weight, aka the 4Cs of diamonds.

Clarity refers to the lack of flaws – internal (inclusions) as well as surface (blemishes). Diamonds are graded as FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2 and I3 in decreasing order of clarity, with FL being completely flawless and I3 exhibiting obvious inclusions.

Color is undesirable in white diamonds as they impede their refractive and reflective properties. GIA devised a scale to grade color in white diamonds that is widely accepted in the industry. It starts with D and progresses alphabetically to Z. D grade diamonds are completely colorless (and therefore rare) while Z grade diamonds exhibit a faint yellowish color.

Cut refers to the reflective quality of a polished diamond. People usually confuse cut with shape, but here it does not refer to that. Diamonds of the same shape and carat-weight can have different qualities of cut. The ideally cut diamond will appear brighter and more brilliant, while a poorly cut stone will not dazzle as well.

Carat-weight refers to the weight of the diamond. Higher the carat-weight, more will be the price of the diamond.

GIA Certification

Most diamond retailers sell jewelry and diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America. A GIA certificate provides every relevant detail about the jewelry item, from carat-weight, cut quality, clarity grade, and color to current worth and appraisal. Moreover, a GIA certificate ensures that a diamond is genuine and graded properly.

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Pre-Owned Watches Buying Guide

First of all, every man should own at least one luxury watch. But not all can afford one. Enter pre-owned watches. Anybody looking for some posh high quality watches should consider buying pre-owned. Not only is it more convenient, it is also brilliantly entrepreneurial.


New watches cost a fortune

And as soon as you buy them, their value depreciates. The depreciation is steep and will leave a bad taste in your mouth when you try to sell the watch even days after you buy it. That’s where pre-owned watches trump. They don’t depreciate at the same rate and might sometimes even increase in value.

Buy discontinued watches

You have more choices when you decide to buy from the used market. Was there a watch you fancied as a youngster and hoped to buy when you got older? Well, chances are that it was discontinued before you could buy it. Worry not. You might still get your hands on it in the pre-owned market.

You can resell without a loss

We won’t lie; sometimes people have resold the used watches they bought at an even higher price because of how rare it was. While you won’t always make a profit from selling used watches, the depreciation and, therefore, loss will be insignificant.

Buy from a reputed dealer

As with buying new watches, it’s important that you buy pre-owned watches from a trustworthy and reputable dealer. Never buy from dealers that you can’t verify or read reviews about. There are a lot of shady dealers who deal in knock offs and market them as genuine timepieces.

Condition of the watch

The watch should be in a relatively good condition, if not like-new. It makes little sense to buy a pre-owned watch that is damaged, doesn’t work properly or needs constant repairs. If you buy a pre-owned watch, ask for documentation of any repairs done on it, if at all.

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