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Best Jewelry Store in Snellville, Georgia

If you’re out looking for premium jewelry, you know it’s hard to find the ideal middle ground between what you want and how much you will have to pay for it. While shopping, you’re liable to make impulse purchases, get duped or just plain have an unpleasant experience.  To avoid any hassles and situational exhaustion, keep these things in mind.


               Barron’s Fine Jewelry

Educate Yourself on the 4Cs of Diamonds

The quality and price of a diamond is determined by four important factors – Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat-weight, aka the 4Cs of diamonds.

Clarity refers to the lack of flaws – internal (inclusions) as well as surface (blemishes). Diamonds are graded as FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2 and I3 in decreasing order of clarity, with FL being completely flawless and I3 exhibiting obvious inclusions.

Color is undesirable in white diamonds as they impede their refractive and reflective properties. GIA devised a scale to grade color in white diamonds that is widely accepted in the industry. It starts with D and progresses alphabetically to Z. D grade diamonds are completely colorless (and therefore rare) while Z grade diamonds exhibit a faint yellowish color.

Cut refers to the reflective quality of a polished diamond. People usually confuse cut with shape, but here it does not refer to that. Diamonds of the same shape and carat-weight can have different qualities of cut. The ideally cut diamond will appear brighter and more brilliant, while a poorly cut stone will not dazzle as well.

Carat-weight refers to the weight of the diamond. Higher the carat-weight, more will be the price of the diamond.

GIA Certification

Most diamond retailers sell jewelry and diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America. A GIA certificate provides every relevant detail about the jewelry item, from carat-weight, cut quality, clarity grade, and color to current worth and appraisal. Moreover, a GIA certificate ensures that a diamond is genuine and graded properly.

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Jewelry On the Red Carpet

Diamond chokers, rows of solitaires and statement necklaces were the stars of the Cannes 2016. We’re sharing the most expensive jewelry to ever grace the Cannes red carpet.

In the following article by shows you the Jewelry Trends from the Red Carpet to Your Jewelry Box.


Cannes 2016: Jewelry on the red carpet
The stars have chosen diamond chokers, rows of solitaires and statement necklaces so far for the red carpet. The pieces that caught our magpie eye at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.
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Barron’s Fine Jewelry has the hottest earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many other types of red carpet jewelry that is sure to make you feel like a star.


No other shape says I love you better than the heart! The best compliment you can give to your loved one is an item of jewelry that says I love you the best. Keeping in mind how long heart-shaped jewelry has been around (and how popular it has been), you might find it hard to find one item that keeps the gesture of giving your heart to your loved one a fresh and inspiring deed.

Boodles. 14 carat heart shaped tanzanite pendant encrusted with diamonds and with a briolette diamond drop.:

Image – Pinterest

In this article by Brittany Siminitz from JCK, you will find some innovative and inspiring heart-shaped jewelry:

Perseverance of Heart: An Everlasting Symbol in Jewelry

The heart. Simple yet universal, it’s a symbol that can be recognized to mean love on so many levels: for romance, the love of a parent or child, a best friend, even a pet. It transcends time—for every era of jewelry, there are countless examples of the use of hearts—and trends, where the shape accessories or decorates any look beautifully. The heart is also versatile; it looks just as lovely in its natural form, like a sleek, petite pendant, as it does dressed to the nines, in intricate designs with colored gemstones, detailed metal, or any other concoction you could dream up. And dream, jewelry designers can! I’m amazed at how this symbol can appear so different from one look to the next and eagerly welcome new designers putting their spin on this timeless icon. Here’s just a sampling—for Valentine’s Day, sure, but really for any time of year, and for any reason. It’s a romantic gift that never gets old, but I’d self-purchase the hell out of any one of these. See full post here

Diamond & Morganite Heart Ring:

Image – Pinterest

Keep the flames of love burning with the perfect gift from our exquisite collection: