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The Art of Repairing Watches

The age of the watchmaker is arguably gone. Or is it? Watch repair has become a rare profession in light of recent advancements in technology. The truth is our watches are getting smarter too. As the technology put into watches gets more intricate, so does the skill required to repair them.

Watch repair has always been a profession that demands extreme precision and unparalleled observational skills.

As watches steer toward becoming items of luxury than strictly of function, the skill set required to create, repair and maintain watches becomes more a part of jewelry making. Think of watches as functional jewelry pieces, and that is exactly what they are.

But what really goes into watch repair and maintenance? Hear it directly from a watchmaker.

Read the following article by A Blog to Watch.

Watchmaker Shares Truths About Watch Service & Repair

                  Watch Repair Services

As an aBlogtoWatch guest, Hugh Taylor from (a pre-owned watches and luxury goods dealer in the UK) once again interviews their in-house master watchmaker, Mickey Nolan, as they talk about the often mysterious and typically expensive world of watch service and repair. Oftentimes, the only “true” account of watch repair comes from the men and women who are actually fixing the watches. We attempt to clear up myths, explain the source of delays and costs, and offer a watchmaker’s perspective of the watch service and repair process. See full post here

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Best Jewelry Store in Snellville, Georgia

If you’re out looking for premium jewelry, you know it’s hard to find the ideal middle ground between what you want and how much you will have to pay for it. While shopping, you’re liable to make impulse purchases, get duped or just plain have an unpleasant experience.  To avoid any hassles and situational exhaustion, keep these things in mind.


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Educate Yourself on the 4Cs of Diamonds

The quality and price of a diamond is determined by four important factors – Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat-weight, aka the 4Cs of diamonds.

Clarity refers to the lack of flaws – internal (inclusions) as well as surface (blemishes). Diamonds are graded as FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2 and I3 in decreasing order of clarity, with FL being completely flawless and I3 exhibiting obvious inclusions.

Color is undesirable in white diamonds as they impede their refractive and reflective properties. GIA devised a scale to grade color in white diamonds that is widely accepted in the industry. It starts with D and progresses alphabetically to Z. D grade diamonds are completely colorless (and therefore rare) while Z grade diamonds exhibit a faint yellowish color.

Cut refers to the reflective quality of a polished diamond. People usually confuse cut with shape, but here it does not refer to that. Diamonds of the same shape and carat-weight can have different qualities of cut. The ideally cut diamond will appear brighter and more brilliant, while a poorly cut stone will not dazzle as well.

Carat-weight refers to the weight of the diamond. Higher the carat-weight, more will be the price of the diamond.

GIA Certification

Most diamond retailers sell jewelry and diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America. A GIA certificate provides every relevant detail about the jewelry item, from carat-weight, cut quality, clarity grade, and color to current worth and appraisal. Moreover, a GIA certificate ensures that a diamond is genuine and graded properly.

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What Nobody Tells You about Buying an Engagement Ring

The shock, the surprise, the joy and the awkwardness – there’s a lot to deal with when you finally get engaged, and a lot you wish you knew before you get down on one knee and ask one of the most important questions of your life.

Nobody can completely prepare you for the tidal shift in your life when you decide to get engaged. But Richie Frieman from The Knot is willing to try his best. Take a look at his article on the Huffington Post.

10 Things No One Tells You About Shopping For An Engagement Ring


I don’t think many people — men and women — quite understand the roller coaster of emotions a person goes through while shopping for and picking out an engagement ring. It happened to me. Despite the joy that came with popping the question (I proposed to my wife 8 years ago), I wish I had had someone to tell me the real life secrets that nobody talks about surrounding the ring. Although there are some parts you just have to see for yourself (like when she says yes), I hope to pass along a few helpful hints to those of you on your way to picking the ring. See full post here

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Pre-Owned Watches Buying Guide

First of all, every man should own at least one luxury watch. But not all can afford one. Enter pre-owned watches. Anybody looking for some posh high quality watches should consider buying pre-owned. Not only is it more convenient, it is also brilliantly entrepreneurial.


New watches cost a fortune

And as soon as you buy them, their value depreciates. The depreciation is steep and will leave a bad taste in your mouth when you try to sell the watch even days after you buy it. That’s where pre-owned watches trump. They don’t depreciate at the same rate and might sometimes even increase in value.

Buy discontinued watches

You have more choices when you decide to buy from the used market. Was there a watch you fancied as a youngster and hoped to buy when you got older? Well, chances are that it was discontinued before you could buy it. Worry not. You might still get your hands on it in the pre-owned market.

You can resell without a loss

We won’t lie; sometimes people have resold the used watches they bought at an even higher price because of how rare it was. While you won’t always make a profit from selling used watches, the depreciation and, therefore, loss will be insignificant.

Buy from a reputed dealer

As with buying new watches, it’s important that you buy pre-owned watches from a trustworthy and reputable dealer. Never buy from dealers that you can’t verify or read reviews about. There are a lot of shady dealers who deal in knock offs and market them as genuine timepieces.

Condition of the watch

The watch should be in a relatively good condition, if not like-new. It makes little sense to buy a pre-owned watch that is damaged, doesn’t work properly or needs constant repairs. If you buy a pre-owned watch, ask for documentation of any repairs done on it, if at all.

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Jewelry On the Red Carpet

Diamond chokers, rows of solitaires and statement necklaces were the stars of the Cannes 2016. We’re sharing the most expensive jewelry to ever grace the Cannes red carpet.

In the following article by shows you the Jewelry Trends from the Red Carpet to Your Jewelry Box.


Cannes 2016: Jewelry on the red carpet
The stars have chosen diamond chokers, rows of solitaires and statement necklaces so far for the red carpet. The pieces that caught our magpie eye at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.
See full post here


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What Are Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings are often dubbed as the most precious gift a man can give to his wife. A popular advertisement in the 1960s went, “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.”



Diamond eternity rings were introduced in the 1960s by diamond merchant De Beers, even though the tradition of wearing eternity bands can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians, being at the heart of one of the earliest civilizations, invented their concept of weddings. To represent an eternal bond between a man and a woman, ancient Egyptian couples wore elaborate metal bands with decorations that went all the way round. This symbolized an everlasting union. The bands were usually made of precious metals and often decorated with gemstones or engravings.

Modern Eternity Rings

Simply put, eternity rings are precious metal bands embedded with identically cut gemstones all around them.  While diamonds are the most popular choice, eternity rings can also be made of other precious gemstones. The most popular choices of metal are gold and platinum.


An eternity ring simply symbolizes a perpetual never-ending union of souls between married couples. The most popular eternity rings are diamond eternity rings. Diamonds further emphasize the timeless nature of eternity rings. It is even further underlined by the arrangement of diamonds in a circle. A circle has long been considered a symbol of purity and eternity.

Therefore, an eternity ring is given by a man to his significant other on the occasion of a momentous anniversary. For example, a husband may give his wife an eternity ring on the occasion of a first pregnancy.

In some cases, an eternity ring may also be used as an engagement ring or a wedding band.

Half-Eternity Rings

Some people find wearing “full” eternity rings a tad uncomfortable. They choose instead to wear “half-eternity” rings. A half-eternity ring has stones only set across its face. This makes room for bigger diamonds.


A full eternity ring has stones set completely across it and looks identical all around. This makes it hard to resize it. A half-eternity band, on the other hand, has stones set only across the visible face, and can therefore be resized much easily.

Half-eternity rings are considerably cheaper than full eternity rings but they still maintain a certain popularity.

How to wear them

Traditionally, an eternity ring is worn the same finger as the wedding and engagement rings. However, like anniversary rings, it can be worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

An eternity ring need not necessarily match with any existing rings.


Eternity rings are the ultimate anniversary gift. So save it for the most special romantic occasion. Even though rare, using eternity rings as engagement rings or wedding bands has found overwhelming acceptance among new couples.

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Engagement Ring Insurance

It is human nature to take some things for granted. Some of us are accused of eternal paranoia, but most of us don’t really expect to getting robbed, losing things or face accidents. However, it would be unwise to not invest in insurance! Insurance gives you the peace of mind that can’t be replaced. Especially when things precious to you are concerned, it is satisfactory and safe to have insurance. An engagement ring is no exception.

Barron's Fine Jewelry

The following article on Engagement Ring Gurus talks about this in more detail.


When it comes to taking care of your expensive items such as your car, your boat or even your house, you don’t take the short road. Purchasing insurance for the sole purpose of  peace of mind and any accidents that may occur applies all of these examples and more. So wouldn’t it make sense to purchase insurance on your diamond engagement ring? Of coarse it would!There are a few options to go about insuring your engagement ring. Engagement ring insurance can be purchased as an extension for your renters or homeowners policy. Both of these policies cover the items in your home, but only up to a certain amount. Expensive items such as engagement rings, family valuables, and electronic appliances are only covered through an insurance policy extension that covers these particular items. Another way to go is to find a company that specializes in jewelry insurance, depending on the company you choose, they may offer more coverage than others. So do your research and pick the right plan for you! See full post here

We advise our readers to opt for insurance for their engagement rings. Regardless, here is an immense collection of beautiful high quality engagement rings from Hello Diamonds.

How to Buy Antique Engagement Rings

Don’t lie – you’ve always wanted to buy at least one antique ring! We love adore – worship – antique jewelry. It’s stylish, classy, eco-friendly and very unique. We are sharing with you today a guide on properly buying an antique engagement ring. There are some important questions you should ask in any case. How old is the ring? Have the stones ever been replaced? What is the quality of the diamonds used?



Here is the article by Raymond Lee Jewelers that shares some insight on this.


Do you have your heart set on an antique engagement ring, but there isn’t a family heirloom that will be passed down to you? Fortunately, you can find a selection of antique engagement rings to choose from at a local jewelry shop, such as Raymond Lee Jewelers. Before you set out to buy an antique ring, if you aren’t familiar with antique jewelry, there are a few questions you should ask before you purchase the ring. See full post here

Rm1349-14k White Gold Classic Engagement Ring

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Avoiding Mistakes While Buying an Engagement Ring: Tips For Men

Men are prone to making mistakes when it comes to buying jewelry (surprise!). But one mistake while you’re buying an engagement ring – no buddy, you don’t wanna know! It’s pretty much a disaster. What’s the remedy?


Here it is. See Celeste Perron from Brilliant Earth with some much-needed advice for all the jewelry-buying men out there.


The engagement ring will be a beautiful bonus. But there are a few things you can do to ensure that you select a ring she’ll be crazy for both now and for decades to come. Here are a few engagement ring buying mistakes that men often make, which you can avoid: See full post here


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Gold is the bright spot in commodities rout but 2016 forecasts are divided

The precious metal has traditionally been a safe haven for investors at times of market turmoil but it also thrives at times of inflation, which remains low

Gold prices started 2016 with a glimmer, rising to two-month highs in the wake of the Chinese stock market rout and the ripple effects it caused in European and US markets.

After touching an all-time nominal high of more than $1,900 an ounce in 2011, gold values have generally declined. Since 2013, the yellow metal posted annual losses. Investor interest soured amid the commodity rout and a stronger US dollar, but so far in 2016, gold has resumed its traditional role as a safe haven in times of financial turmoil.

Its role as a de facto insurance policy allowed gold to buck the commodity sell-off as the new year dawns industrial commodities like crude oil and copper were pressured hard by the worries over China, which is the biggest commodity consumer.

As such, the metals outperformance of almost every other investment this year has turned some heads. Last week gold prices rose over $1,100 an ounce in New York for the first time since November at the height of Chinese concerns, although they have pulled back to about $1,077 as concerns abate for now. But theres some discussion about whether its shining start is the beginning of a rebound or just a temporary bounce.

Those who see a modestly higher path for gold said US dollar pressure may wane in the coming months, while others say the general deflationary commodity environment is negative for gold prices.

The impact of further Federal Reserve interest rate hikes is also debated, as some suggest that since the Fed has finally acted, the market can focus on other factors. However, others say even modestly higher interest rates make gold undesirable versus other safe investment choices like US Treasuries, since the metal has no yield.

James Steel, chief precious metals analyst at HSBC, says he is moderately bullish on gold, with a 2016 average price forecast of $1,205. In addition to the safe-haven buying, gold offers non-US buyers a currency play.

Its one way to hedge yourself against a weaker domestic currency since it reflects a dollar value, he said.

He was also impressed that gold did not sell off sharply after a stronger-than-expected US jobs figure and has held up despite oils drop to 12-year lows. His higher 2016 price forecast is based on the idea that the US dollar will soften and emerging market demand will improve later this year.

Kevin Grady, owner of Phoenix Futures and Options, said the rebound in gold inspired some light investor interest again in the futures market.

When the stock market would have its big down days, in gold we would start to see some buying come in. It seems as if people are picking at it, he said.

Purchases of gold-backed exchange-traded funds also rose. The largest of these ETFs, SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), witnessed nearly a 10 metric-ton increase from 31 December to 11 January, to 651.68 tons.

The Chinese lunar new year may also spur gold-buying in Asia which could support prices, too.

The question is: will investors stay? Despite the gains, many gold-market watchers say the rally is transitory because of the lack of inflation. Gold feeds on inflation, and without its favorite food, the metal may be on a diet for now. Barclays still pegs its 2016 average price at $1,054 an ounce, just off the 2015 low of $1,050.

Rob Haworth, senior investment strategist for US Bank Wealth Management, said the deflationary risks in Europe and the low oil and gasoline prices in the US make it hard to see any inflation. Plus, the January jobs data gives the Fed room to raise rates. He sees gold prices weaker through mid-2016.

He said he would change his mind if the market starts to believe the central banks, and inflation expectations rather than headline inflation itself start to tick up. That will start to change our view on gold to more neutral.

Rohit Savant, director of research with commodities consultancy CPM Group, said gold prices could rise a touch from here. His average 2016 gold price is $1,140, saying with the Fed finally on the path of raising rates, gold no longer has that specter hanging overhead.

The problem for gold is there is no new information to push prices either way, leaving it stuck between the negative and positive factors long worked into prices, he said.

Despite gold moving to two-month highs, its not likely to be the sexy investment of a few years ago. Grady said he cant get excited about gold until it rises above $1,205 because that was an area of heavy trading activity when prices were falling, and will probably be difficult for the market to rise above.

Those are key numbers. The problem is those numbers are $100 away, he said.

Read more:


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